Jinqiang Wang, Ph.D.


Dr. Wang is currently a Principal Investigator and doctoral supervisor of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Zhejiang UniversityDr. Wang received his B.S. and Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University. From 2013 to 2016, he was a Postdoctoral Associate working in the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Zhejiang University, and then take a Postdoctoral Associate position in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University, USA. Then, in 2018, he was appointed as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. Then, in 2019, he took an Assistant Development Engineer position in the Department of Bioengineering at UCLA. In October 2020, Dr. Wang joined the College of Pharmaceutic Science, Zhejiang University. His research directions include the design and preparation of intelligent responsive carriers for drug delivery and precise treatment of tumors, diabetes, and other diseases. Dr. Wang has published more than 50 papers in journals, including Nature Chemical Biology, Science Translational Medicine, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, PNAS, and Science Advances. 

Contact Information: jinqiang_wang@zju.edu.cn

Personal Homepage: https://person.zju.edu.cn/0013859